Why ExcellentCleaning2 is the best choice for all cleaning services in Middlebury, Connecticut

Are you a realtor, or a resident, living in Middlebury, Connecticut, or its neighborhood, looking for the best cleaning services for your new home, carpet, or office? Whatever your cleaning needs are, ExcellentCleaning2 is here to help! Here are our services: 

  • Marble, Tile, and Grout cleaning

Has your marble or tile floor been dulled by dust, droplets, and some spillages, making it lose its allure, not to mention the grout?  That matters to us, as it does to you because your expensive floor doesn’t deserve it. Just let us be your guests, get to work, and revamp your floor to regain its lost glory. By the time we are done, your floor will be looking sparkling new!

  • Carpet cleaning

So you took your carpet for cleaning the other week. Fast forward, it is now one week down the line, and all the gains appear undone, and your favorite carpet looks old and dirty again! Here at ExcellentCleaning2, we don’t just clean it; we have a way of cleaning it! We take your old carpet, take it through a cleaning process, and when we are through, your carpet will be looking brand new again!

  • Commercial and residential cleaning

Here at ExcellentCleaning2, we love calling it move-in/move-out cleaning. Whether you are buying a home or selling one, you want to make sure that you or your client finds it in the best hygienic condition possible. Just book us, sit back and relax, as we flex our cleanliness muscles, to make sure that you settle in the cleanest house in the neighborhood.

We are here to help you maintain the hygienic and cleanliness standards of your house or office beyond expectations! Give us a call now at +1 203-982-9795 and book ExcellentClean2 services weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly or Click Here to request a direct quote.

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