We at Excellent Cleaning 2 know the importance of maintaining your home environment or, work environment, as clean and tidy as possible, which is why we offer a lot more than just the common cleaning!


With our expert team of knowledgeable cleaners, we are able to not only clean your home or work areas but, also, leave it looking brand new!


How many times have you thought that stain would never go away or, that the dust would just keep building up no matter what? Well, we can guarantee that we will make all those annoying problems go away!


With vast experience when it comes to cleaning and restoring surfaces and materials, we are sure to be able to deal with whatever stains come our way!

Households with pets, children and even just hard-working people that, perhaps, may not have much time on their hands to take care of all the cleaning necessary, always need a helping hand and, that is why we are here, always ready to save the day!


Whether you need our expert cleaning team to clean up after a move you just did, a post-construction area or, even just some nice eco-friendly stone restoration, you can be sure that counting on us is not only a guarantee of amazingly meticulous results but, also, a full guarantee of satisfaction as well because, after all, we know we excel at what we do and, we always do it with a bright smile on our faces!


Cleaning is not only our job, but our passion and, there is nothing that gives us more satisfaction than to see our customers pleased beyond measure after seeing the incredible results we always provide without fail.

Our Services

Marble Service

Perhaps your kids splashed paint all over your floor, your pet did something that it wasn’t supposed to do or, it’s just about time for a check up, we’ve got your…

Stone Restoration

So your garden is looking incredible but, unfortunately, the stones look very dirty and you do not want to damage them in any way with scrubbing, don’t worry…

Post Construction

Whether you’re a realtor trying to get your house ready for your clients or, you’re just moving in or out of your place, our cleaning services are essential for…

Move In/Out Cleaning

So you have finally constructed the room you wanted or, finally renovated that kitchen that you have been wanting to renovate since you moved in but…


Carpet Cleaning

You don’t need children or pets to make a carpet messy because, after all, carpets absorb dirt and other debris like no other! They get very easily stained, dirty…

Periodic Cleaning

A home needs constant care and upkeep, in order to remain the safe and comforting paradise that it should be, which is why we at Excellent Cleaning 2 are…


Commercial & Residential Cleaning

Whether you are looking for a professional cleaning service to take good care of your business area or, you’re just looking to get that carpet in your…


Tile & Grout Cleaning

No matter how hard you scrub, it can be a massive load of hard work to try and get that tile deep cleaning that professional services are able to obtain…