So your garden is looking incredible but, unfortunately, the stones look very dirty and you do not want to damage them in any way with scrubbing, don’t worry, with our eco friendly methods we are able to do just that!


Stones are undoubtedly one of the assets that are able to bring a whole area together and, therefore, turn it into a serene and enjoyable relaxing environment as well. Because we know the importance of it, we take extra meticulous care when dealing with cleaning and restoring them.


With our vast experience in the field, we were able to develop a homemade, eco-friendly system and method when restoring and cleaning the stones of your gardens, in order to be able to maintain a well-kept environment, all while not damaging the materials themselves. We know the importance of cleaning stones without damaging them, therefore, a homemade eco-friendly system of cleaning can be more beneficial than a harsh chemical one!


The little details are what makes a home a comfortable place, which is why we never neglect the stone restoration process and, are always as careful and meticulous as we are able to be, providing excellent results and absolute guaranteed satisfaction.